Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gretel Beret

I've just finished blocking the Gretel beret, which was lovely to make and such a relief after the struggles I had with Ishbel!  It is still a little damp so I haven't taken it off the plate yet, but here it is...

Gretel beret - the top
Gretel beret - the underside

Gretel beret - detail
The pattern cables looked difficult but actually they were simply and the pattern was easy to follow.

I used a creamy-white aran yarn which I bought in England in massive balls from the Red Cross shop in Alcester.  It is not second-hand, they seem to have moved into the woolshop market and had lots of colour choices.  I'll certainly go there again next time I'm in that part of the UK.


Christy said...

The beret is lovely, wish I could knit. I crochet a little. My sister is the knitter and I'm the sewer.

Lil Bit Brit

Crafty in the Med said...

uhhhhh I like that lots and love the name. Are you going to sell these too?
the wool does look nice and soft
Good idea about using the plate for blocking

keep well


Trudy said...

Beautiful knitting. Are you sure cables aren't tricky?!!!! One day ...

Carolyn said...

You certainly have been knitting up a storm. Both berets are lovely but I like this one best.

Babajeza said...

I love your cables!

Anna said...

Superbe !