Friday, 19 October 2012

Carousels and Roundabouts...

Go round and round - don't they? So why am I surprised to find myself writing this having just pulled back my Sheep Carousel knitting to the beginning of the pattern?

I had got halfway up the pattern - to where the body of the higher of the two sheep starts, when I sat and looked at the work. 

Horror of horrors, I found my steeks were not symmetrical.  That is, one was where it should be - after 4 sheep patterns - but the next one (which should have been exactly opposite) was five patterns away.  Thus I would need a severely deformed teapot in order to actually use the cosy.

So I am back to this stage...

Rib and Vikkel braid

...once again.

Ah well, it could have been worse - I might have found out when I had cut the steeks and went to put the teacosy on its (Symmetrical) pot!


Annie said...

You have such patience...I would have thrown it accross the room :-)
A x

marigold jam said...

Like Annie I would probably have given up at that stage and knitted a plain tea cosy!! Good luck with it now though.

Debra in France said...

Oh Pen, I can't believe it! Thank goodness you are a quick knitter. xx

tales from a handmade home said...

The positioning of steeks are getting scarier by the minute, it may be quite a while before I contemplate beginning Blaithin.........what a shame to have to pull back all that knitting, I'm sure you'll get there in the end though.