Sunday, 14 October 2012

What a Grey Day

There should have been a big brocante in Mézières-sur-Issoire today, but it's raining. Not just a little bit, but pouring down.  Certainly makes you aware that summer's over, although I haven't heard the cranes fly over yet. The lawn has definitely recovered from the dry summer months and is no longer a parched straw colour but a lush emerald green.  

Everything is growing like mad again, as it is not cold yet, despite a couple of early-morning light frosts recently.  In fact, yesterday there was a new flower on my courgette plant, though I doubt we'll have the sunshine to bring it to fruition! 

Wild life is preparing for the winter, or, at least, the fieldmouse in my kitchen is.  I saw it today, run along behind the toaster and microwave, presumably looking for crumbs to stock up its larder. Note to self - must get a cat...

I'm not scared of mice, but I do remember the one who made a nest in one of my cardboard boxes when I first moved here and completely ruined a new, expensive duvet cover and a beautiful antique wool challis throw with crewel hand embroidery, so I can't really tolerate them here.  Some mice have expensive tastes!

Yesterday I had a stall at a small brocante in the Maison Bleue cafe in Le Dorat, but it wasn't very well attended. I sold a few things and then had dinner out on the proceeds, so not a bad day really!  

Today I will finish the child-sized Rustling Leaves beret.  It is a bit of an unknown as I have no child to try it on.  I also have a bit of a problem blocking these small berets, as none of my plates seem to be the right size!

This yarn, though very pretty and soft and warm, does not show the leaf pattern well and I think this pattern is best in a solid colour. I guess it'll look better when it's blocked.


Christy said...

Hi Penny,

I know about those mice. We always get them in the garage, as no car resides in there so it's a nice quite winter for them.

They ate a hole right out of the center of a rug my father in law made that was stored in a drawer, also ate through the arms of two camp chairs and the box we kept for Mr. BB Magna Plana speakers which were huge.

So we removed the camp beds because I'm afraid they will chew right through them.

But aren't they darn cute?

Li Bit Brit

Annie said...

Shame you don't live a little closer....I have 3 girls of 1 year, 2 1/2 years and nearly 4 years that would make very pretty models for you :-)
A x

Carol said...

I went to our local car boot this morning, it was very cold but eventually the sun came out.
Found a lovely wicker basket which HAD to come home with me. Glad you had a nice time at the small Brocante yesterday.
Our cat brings mice home, some still alive. One really cute one the other day, I had to usher it off the drive so it didn't get run over.
Lovely beret, but yes, like you say perhaps solid colour would show the leaf pattern better.
Carol xx

marigold jam said...

I spoke to a friend in Confolens this morning and was smugly able to tell her that the sun was shining here! Funny you mentioned the cranes as I had been wondering if I might be lucky enough to see them when I am over. We do have them here in Somerset now but I don't think they need to fly anywhere from here and I've not seen any yet.

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Luckily we have never had mice in the house. Considering all the mice and rats that I used to see up in the chook house when we had the farm. I guess we were lucky. It's a shame they do so much damage. Good on you for enjoying the proceeds from the item you sold at the Brocante. It's been warm here today, just a taste of what is to come. I have heard that we will probably have a really hot summer here in Oz. Take care. Liz...

Babajeza said...

I think you are right on the solid colour. But then, it's not to bad.
We have mice too, but not as many as were here when we moved in due to the cats. :-)