Friday, 16 November 2012

Gysella Slouchy

Another child's hat from The Velvet Acorn.

I didn't make the hat as long as the pattern suggested, so  it isn't really slouchy.  As there were 4 stitches left when closing the top, I made a little iCord and sewed it into a loop. 

Blue Gysella

Also I added some of my own design crochet flowers and pearl buttons rather than the crochet flowers in the pattern.

Button and flower trim

The yarn is not available here in France and, anyway, I wanted to use up my stash, so I used Rowan's Felted Tweed, doubled.  It worked well, I thought.

HeidiMay's patterns (The Velvet Acorn) are well laid out and easy to read, but have some mistakes in them (at least the two I have done so far did!) and I feel that the pattern is written by someone who is NOT a native English speaker. I would not suggest tackling them if you are a relative beginner to knitting.

I am currently close to finishing the Lilian Beret (see this post) for the second time.  I pulled back the last attempt as it was GIGANTIC and floppy and looked 100 years old... If this latest attempt is also no good I will be very disappointed, as this was the pattern that first attracted me to The Velvet Acorn's designs.


Annie said...

I love sharing all your knits with your Penny. I've done so much knitting over the years but my arthritis likes to decide just how much I can do these days and it gets a bit frustrating.
A x

Carol said...

Fabulous hat. I've crocheted 3 this week. I was making ladies' hats and DH said "is one for me?"......... I can take a hint!
Carol xx

Debra in France said...

It looks fab Penny. I love your crocheted flowers. Well done xxxx

Babajeza said...

Nice hat. Although ... grey. Must look lovely in the sunshine. ;-)

Have a nice day!