Saturday, 30 March 2013

Snow Joke!

At the end of March we should be getting some warmth in the day.  But no!  Today I went to Coolings Garden Centre to get a few bits and pieces and IT SNOWED!!!!  Fine when I set off, fine when I got there, but the minute I stepped out of the car it started snowing.  It was very cool at Coolings!

But I managed, in between restorative visits to the coffee shop, to have a good look round and get a few things that I can't find back home

They had a dazzling display of Spring flowers...

... much more than this titchy picture from their website, and I  bought a couple of pots of Tête a Tête daffodils which I'll take back with me and plant at home in the autumn.  

Tiny Daffs

The large varieties don't seem to do well, so I'm hoping these little ones will naturalise and be beautiful next year.

I also bought some Sweet Pea seeds to plant in the autumn so that they will flower early in the French summer before it gets too hot!

sweet pea seeds

My old, cheapo kneeler is cracked and worn out so I treated myself to this super-duper one, made with memory foam.  Maybe it'll help me remember the names of all the plants!

lime green kneeler

I was delighted to find a stiff hand brush for only £2.99 as these are IMPOSSIBLE to find in France...

stiff brush

This is not for the garden, but my little carpet runners, which are hard to rid of all my woolly and cotton bits with just the vacuum!


busybusybeejay said...

We still have mountains of snow from last weekend and still can't get one car out.I love tete a tete.I have just bought two small pots to take for my daughter tomorrow.We are going for lunch.

Babajeza said...

So good to have some flowers in pots. It's still SNOWING today. :-(

Babajeza said...

So good to have some flowers in pots. It's still SNOWING today. :-(

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Our seasons should be changing here, but it just doesn't know it. Last Tuesday we had temperatures in the mid to high 30's and there were many bushfires in some parts of my lovely state of Victoria and many homes were lost. Those plants look lovely and I do like the pad for kneeling. Take care. Liz...