Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Eco Biscuits

It seems a shame to waste all that heat when you are making a meal in the oven, doesn't it.  So, after I'd eaten my dinner, I decided to bake off some biscuits - a quick and easy recipe.

They turned out well...

Ginger biscuits

The recipe's here - but I must add that I melted the butter, which is not in the recipe.  Oh - and I didn't have any Golden Syrup so I used honey instead

Ginger biscuits, close

Can you freeze biscuits?


Chris said...

These biscuits look so yummy I almost wanted to lick the screen!
I have had a wonderful experience of reading back on your blog.. such wonderful spinning and crochet and knitting. I took some of the instructions for the hearts and bought the little shawl pattern! And I have become a follower so I shall be back.
I have been in London today, we went to see Chorus Line, good but not as good as Top Hat which we have booked to see again in June.
We live East of London, 25 mins on the train.
And your house in France looked so romantic.
Happy days

Pearly Queen said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for the comment, I'm so pleased you like my blog - and my house! I'll be writing more about it at some point.
I can't reply to you personally, as you didn't give your email address...


Elizabethd said...

Yes you can freeze biscuits. I put them in a plastic freezer box.
They look delicious.

Little House on the Hill said...

Yum have you put the kettle on for a cuppa? Your biscuits look soo good.

Cheers Pauline

Annie said...

Hi penny. Those biscuits look really yummy but your link to the recipe doesn't work :-(
A x

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Is the kettle on and do you have any of those yummy looking biscuits left? What a shame I live on the other side of the world, or I would be around for a cuppa and a few of those tasty treats. Take care. Liz...