Monday, 27 May 2013

Sunshine and Sashas

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I have a small collection of Sasha dolls. Maybe you've never heard of them?  They were the creation of Sasha Morgenthaler.  

 Sasha dolls were created by the late Sasha Morgenthaler (1893 - 1975), a Swiss artist and artisan. She was also a humanitarian and a keen observer of all the world's children. Her vision was to create dolls that represented and reflected the spirit of children of all races and cultures during their age of innocence.

Excerpt from

This is one I acquired recently, in a set of clothes I bought from Sarah Williams.  Beautifully made and really makes her look like a little French girl.  I have named her Françoise.


Now, regarding the weather.  Today is just like Summer (well, it IS the end of May) and I have taken the opportunity to cut the lawn.  I got just over halfway before it became too hot and also it was 12 noon and there is a ban on making noise over the lunchtime 2-hour break. 

Lawn half cut

You see, sometimes these odd rules work in your favour.  I was able to go inside and linger over a cold drink without feeling guilty!


Elizabethd said...

I always approved of the French noise bans. It never seemed to work with dogs, though.

Babajeza said...

My cousins had Sasha dolls. :-)