Friday, 31 May 2013


Well, I finally finished weeding the Kitchen border and the Bench Garden.  It was hard work but it all looks tidy now.

The Bench Garden has gone from this...

Weeds by bench this...

Bench garden weeded

...and I was able to pick some of the roses to put in a jug for my table:

Pretty roses from Bench garden

The Kitchen border looks good too...

Kitchen border

... and I have barrowed in some stone to put behind the retaining wall of the terrace to protect the wall itself.


Now I just need to find some more earth to fill in the kitchen border and this bit of the garden is finished for the moment.

But don't think the weeding is all done - there is another long border under the hedge and lots of weeds still to tackle there.

Next weeding job

But I have discovered a fruit on my little fig tree, which amazed me...

First Fig

... as this tree (bush really) was strimmed to the ground 5 years ago (by an over-enthusiastic man who was cutting the hedge) and then I tried to dig it out a couple of years ago but had to leave the main root in.  What you see of the tree has grown since then and I never expected it to fruit!


Annie said...

Wow Penny....that looks amazing. What a transformation. :-)
Annie x

Elizabethd said...

What an elegant corner your bench garden is. I love the arch. I wonder if you will grow roses over it?