Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sheep Test

Hello! A second day of sunshine - practically a miracle.

And (moving swiftly on) another miracle - Yarn Miracle - the blog of Emily Ivey.  Emiley asked for test knitters and I was one of the volunteers.  We've been testing her S is for Sheep pattern, and I've just finished knitting mine.

Here she is - Apricot is the name I've given her...

Apricot takes a rest

She is quite domesticated and thoroughly trustworthy in the kitchen...

Apricot and Apples

I'm sure you'll be able to buy the pattern in Emily's ETSY shop very soon!


Elizabethd said...

Never mind the pattern, I want the sheep! She is so sweet.

Sharon said...

That is one very cute Sheep! Reminds me a bit of Lamb Chop, the glovepuppet on tv when I was a child!
Hugs Sharon in Spain