Friday, 2 August 2013

A Licence to Print Money

No progress on the blanket today, I'm afraid but I'll have some photos to show you soon, I promise.

This morning I've been listing a new (vintage) book on Etsy - the Pooh Craft book.  I'm trying to sell lots of my collection of 'stuff' but, with the rise in postal costs, it's not easy to offer items at a price to tempt a buyer.

The Pooh Craft Book can be bought from my ChezPenny ETSY shop and is only £3.50.  

Cover pic for blog

Although I have quoted postage, I will adjust this (as always) if the actual postage comes to a lesser amount and refund the difference.

I took my car to the garage yesterday for a quote on doing the work necessary for it to pass its CT (MOT equivalent) as it failed on a couple of (I thought) minor items.  However, the garage informed me that the catalytic converter had a hole in it and I would need a new one.  At the whopping cost of 790€!!!!  And that is just the cost of the part.

So I am desperately trying to find a way to put some money in my coffers...

I have resolved to do my shopping at Lidl in future, sell as much as I can on ETSY or eBay (though postage is a real bugbear).  Anyone got any other ideas?  (My body is worth nothing...)


Annie said...

Like mine is to me Penny I'm sure your body is priceless to you :-) Good luck with raising some funds...I'm sorry to say I'm really no help to you with suggestions.
A x

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Penny

Can I have one of those licences too please!

Car repairs....I shudder every-time I have to take our car to the mechanic and even though he is very good to us (being a neighbour) pricewise it's always a lot. However 790€ is horrific!
Raising funds.....well I think you have it covered:
Markets,ebay,etsy,amazon,local second-hand or other webpage... adverts on your blog ( I don't think you earn much with that but I really don't know much about it).

keep well


PS: Meanwhile my giveaway is now open!

Elizabethd said...

Is it worth trying a different garage for a second opinion?

Knitnstitch Sue said...

Hi Penny

Do you have a spare room?
I'm sure there are a few 'crafty ladies' who would jump at the chance of a week in the French countryside in the company of such an accomplished crafter as yourself.

Sue x

pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh shame. I've heard that selling your body ( to a young, wealthy hunk of course) can put a lot of money in t he coffers! Cars are wonderful but when they go wrong are a deep money pit! Hope you manage to keep a smile. Joan