Saturday, 31 August 2013

Going Batty...

When I was in England early this year, I bought a drum carder.  

 I was looking at a blending board, thinking that would be a good thing to have, but fnally decided the money would be better put towards a drum carder, which I could blend with anyway.

Wingham Drum Carder Stainless Steel

But, as I left it in England until the end of July, I haven't really had the chance to use it yet.

So today I watched this video...

...and this afternoon I made my first batt!

Firt batt - top

It's two shades of merino and some Firestar - maybe I overdid the Firestar a bit - and I think it's going to spin up to a lovely yarn!


marigold jam said...

That looks great! You didn't take long to get the hang of spinning your own yarns did you? I really must get round to doing some myself again now you have inspired me.

Serenata said...

This looks really interesting. So you have to spin it next? Lovely colours.

Sharon said...

I have no idea what this is, but I like the end result, lovely colour Penny!
Hugs Sharon xx (ignorant in Spain!)