Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Gosh - I am in the middle of things today!

14th Aug 2013

The little socks you have already seen - But I have lightly steamed them now and they look much better.  I made a third one (to be the second one of an almost-matching pair)...

Opal Sweet and Spicy pair

...and I've started on sock no. 4 which will Hopefully match sock no.2 ...

Second sock cuff

Mostly the sock yarns I use are just stripey, but I like this fairisle one a lot!

And talking of fairisle, this book came from Amazon yesterday...

Book Cover

I ordered it after reading this post and I just loved the Chickadee hat, although Simone has altered the pattern somewhat and I prefer hers with the flat crown to the rather pointy ones in the book.  Very kindly she tells what her alterations were and even sent me her instructions for working the Vikel braid edging!  Thanks Simone!

Chickadee hat

Also on the table is another Sasha cardigan in a creamy-white Drops alpaca.  It has just been  blocked and is ready for me to sew in the sleeves and knit the button band...

White cardigan

So there you have it, and I'd better buckle down and finish some of these things!

Why don't you go and see what Annie and Jo have to show you today?


Sharon said...

Ahhh that looks great Penny, a perfect pair!
A great book too, those hats look lovely. I'd love to be able to knit well but I really can only knit holes!! Oh well!
And a cute cardigan too....I look forward to seeing it when it is finished!

Babajeza said...

Here, I am again. I can comment! :-) I've changed my reader, now using feedly, which allows a direct link to your post. Nice little socks. As temperatures go down, I might start knitting socks soon.