Sunday, 8 September 2013


My life had colour and now it has not.

I don't want to worry you - it is not me that lacks colour now but my television.

Suddenly it stopped playing DVDs in colour and now I can only watch in Black and White!


Where can I find a TV repair man in the Limousin?????


marigold jam said...

Must take you back watching in B&W?! Must be a repair man somewhere not too far away surely? Shall I ask my friends if they know of anyone for you?

Elizabethd said...

Do you have an 'Expert' shop near you? Ours used to be very helpful.

kim said...

That must be a bit of a pain Penny........have you tried banging it on the top a few times, always used to work for me, lol.

If you can't find a repair man, it looks like you'll be asking Santa for a new tv in your stocking this year........hope you find someone to fix it for you. x