Wednesday, 4 September 2013


So - there's NOTHING actually in progress on my table today! 

That's because I cooked a meal for some friends last night and tidied everything up :-)

But I am still knitting hats for the Big Knit - there are 43 so far in this box...

43 Innocent hats

Also, when my friends came for dinner, they brought me these beautiful roses...

Roses from Barbara and Tim

...amazing colour!


Angela said...

I cannot wait to see all our little hats on the bottles in Sainsbury's!!

Lovely roses, what a great gift
blessings xx

Elizabethd said...

I've managed 6 so far!

Twiglet said...

Love those little knitties and what stunning roses - such a rich colour. x Jo

Sharon said...

Well done Penny, these are really cute. I must ask my mum to look out for some for me when she's shopping...are they available in all supermarkets? She usually shops at Tesco.
Lovely roses too!
Hugs Sharon xxx