Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Nothing but mess on my table, but I thought I'd show you you the fingerless gloves I've been making.  I've been updating my FREE Ravelry pattern to make the gloves longer and experimenting with different yarns to make different sizes rather than altering the pattern.

So far, this is what I've got...

three pairs...

The ones on the left are made with some beautiful sock yarn I had in my stash, held double, and then I embellished them with some little crochet flowers I made with perl√© yarn.  The middle ones are made with my handspun yarn, and the pair on the right with a commercial yarn bought from a local shop some years ago - a 60/40 acrylic and wool mixture.

I took them to the craft group I go to on a Tuesday to see how the fit was on different people and, strangely enough, everyone felt they all fitted fine!  The ladies thought they would probably be OK on most men too, although my choice of colours might not be their favourites, and they also felt that men's gloves would need to be machine-washable!

I'm going to make some more and embroider on the backs or Swiss Darn a heart or something.  The ladies felt that embroidery or Swiss darning would not be attractive to the men, but I thought maybe a simple circle or some wiggly lines - any ideas?


Annie said...

I thought we were going to need gloves a few weeks back but we have another hot spell over here and heating has gone back off again.
A x # 50

Evelyn said...

The simplicity of these fingerless mitts are absolutely perfect!

Sharon said...

These are very pretty Penny. I particularly like the two mauvey pairs, they are lovely colours...a bit like heather.
Hugs Sharon x