Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring Has Sprung

I'm reluctant to say that without my fingers crossed - but it really does seem as if we are not going to have Winter weather now.

I have dug out a little potager in my front garden...

and have already put in some cabbage and broccoli plants...

...and on Sunday we went to a Fête des Plantes at Magnac Laval and I bought three gooseberry bushes - which seem to be rare in France!

Hopefully I will have lots of lovely fruit at the end of the Summer.

The Plant Fair was in the grounds of a château which is part of an agricultural college now...

There were quite a few stalls...

...I actually bought the gooseberry bushes from the one that was selling irises!

I was very tempted by a climbing rose, but there is a big plant fair in a couple of weeks at the château in Mortemart, and I have had very good things from there in the past, so I'm going to wait for that one.
Mortemart Plant Fair Poster

More info here.


Annie said...

Life in France looks good :-)
Annie x

Elizabethd said...

You were lucky to find gooseberries in France!

Bev C said...

Happy gardening, love seeing what grows in your part of the world. Still waiting for some rain here.

Happy days.