Thursday, 17 July 2014

Knot Your Favourite Way of Joining...

Well, I always like to splice my yarns and then sew in the half-thickness ends a bit.  I find this is a good way of joining and, if you do the splicing over a good few centimetres of length, you are extremely unlikely to have any unravelling problems.  This is the front of a little bunting flag I made this morning.  The yarn was spliced in the third round of the crochet and I defy you to find the join!

Turq bunting flag front

This is sock yarn, so is a little fluffy.

I made the socks using a separate ball for each sock, so I didn't have to splice in the second sock, although the splicing method is perfect for socks.

Here is the back of the bunting flag...

Turq bunting flag back

Eagle-eyed knitters with lots of experience with self-striping sock yarn will, of course, know that the splicing took place just under the final 'e' of the word 'here' in this photo...

Turq bunting flag front

...because there is a sudden change of colour.  But you will not see the join.

However, today I came across this video, showing how you can use a special knot to join your yarn, and it will be very secure - although the video-maker (Clara, I think) does advise against using it for socks, as these take a lot of movement in the wearing.

See what you think!

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