Friday, 15 May 2015

Manners Maketh Man

...or, at least, they used to.

In this world of Internet and digital, have we forgotten our manners?  I wonder.

Today I found out that I had been published.  In Mollie Makes.

Good for you, I hear you say, and that is true, I am happy that this happened.  However, I only found out about it when I saw, through the Pinterest app on my iPad, that someone had pinned my Doiley Flower Corsage, and the link to the website for it was expressed as Mollie Makes!

Well, you can imagine the mixture of pride and chagrin - my face must have been a picture!  It's great to be acknowledged as a designer and I do rather like the Mollie Makes magazine. However, am I being picky and piqued in wishing:

a) that they'd asked me


b) that the link from the pinner went to my Ravelry page where I actually published the pattern?

It seems to me that it is only common manners to ask a designer before publishing their work.  Am I wrong in this?  Should I be pathetically grateful for this recognition, or am I right to wonder if modern-world values are a little bit short on manners and courtesy?


Lilbitbrit said...

It does seem to me that they should have asked you and linked to your Ravelry. How long would that have taken in this Internet world? It would be common courtesy.


Lilbitbrit said...

By the way I really do like your pattern and will have a go. I was looking for a Posy pattern. In the end I landed up making a felt Posy.

Elizabethd said...

Totally agree with you. Can you contact them and pleasantly mention the fact that it would have been nice to be asked?

Babajeza said...

This is not right. I totally agree with you. Be strong and contact the magazine. Happy weekend. Regula

Janet said...

You are so right to be very piqued. Your permission should have been asked, after all you are the one who put the time in designing and making. I'd get in touch with them and point this out, otherwise, they are likely to be acting in the same way to others.

Anna said...

Joli bouquet !

Sharon said...

I agree with you Penny, it would have been commond courtesy to both acknowledge you and your work, and to let you know that your work was to be shown.
I think people just don't think, it's all rush, rush, rush, and sod everyone else!
I have seen lots of my photos on the internet and no acknowledgment to me, the worse was a person in the far east who just wrote "my doll" ... I wrote to him and asked him to take it down but he just ignored me, so I gave up. What annoyed me more was that everyone was complimenting him on 'HIS' doll, how she was styled and wigged....I was not a happy bunny!
big hugs Sharon xxx
PS The posy is really very pretty too!

Carolyn said...

Very rude!! I love the posy...clever you!

Serenata said...

This is terrible, but unfortunately doesn't surprise me. Someone on Evilbay actually used one of my photos to advertise their doll and when I asked them to take it down they were incredibly rude to me and I had to get Ebay customer service to deal with it. I wouldn't have known but someone pointed it out to me.