Tuesday, 3 May 2016

La Tache, May 2016

I was over at La Tache today.  It really looks its best in May when the Wisteria is out...


This picture is two photos 'stitched' together, so it looks almost semi-circular, but it's really just an ordinary, flat-fronted house...

I paid to have the back and front gardens cut...

Mowing the 'lawn'

and it took all day...

But it looks pretty good now.

Along front

Along to rear gate



The weather held for us, which was good.  In a few days I'll go back and give the front a haircut with the mower and it'll be even better!

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Joy said...

I'm glad you had help, Penny. I can see that's a lot of upkeep. Your place looks wonderful, so charming. I've seen outside pics in past years, does the inside looks just as interesting as the outside? Wow, it looked like a beautiful day there.