Friday, 24 June 2016

Crazy Weather

All Spring the weather has been cold.  Cold and rainy.  Then, on Wednesday the sun came out and suddenly we were in the 30s!  I was able to cut the grass...

Jasper Carrot I need you!

...even on the terrace!

Tidy terrace

And then relax with a glass of wine.

It was so hot that I was weeding out some thistles at the back of the house at 10pm, that being the coolest time.  It was light until nearly 11 o'clock, which was wonderful.

Yesterday was hot and sunny too, and I was able to gloss paint windows and doors at the shop, and one shutter too - although it was actually TOO hot to paint the other one!

Shutter, ready to paint

THe picture above is the shutter ready to paint, but it's had one coat of gloss now.

Anyway - on to my point...


Such crazy weather!

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Joy said...

anxious for updates... you've been working so hard on both places. I want to see!