Sunday, 4 September 2016

I Heart Bunting

Golly - almost 2 months have gone by since I last blogged here!  I have posted on my other blog, Chez Penny, in between, as I have done a lot of renovation work there. Which is why I haven't had much time to post here, or do any craft work lately.

After the renovations on the Chez Penny apartment were finished, I did 10 days house-sitting for a friend, looking after her dog, cats, fish in the pond, and watering the garden.  That was a new experience for me, and was good.  I had the chance to do lots of crafting, although it was mainly crocheting.

I made several doileys from this pattern, and added beads to some of them so they could be used as jug covers.


I must explain that the weather here in France has been extremely hot, for several weeks, and the fly population seems to be loving it and increasing exponentially.

When I got a bit tired of the doileys I made some lavender hearts from Lucy(of Attic24) 's pattern...

lavender hearts

Though I used my own flower pattern and added a bead on some, to help them hang better. I thought these would be good hung on a clothes hanger under blouses etc in my wardrobe.

I'm currently working on some heart bunting, using the same pattern - each heart with a bead for weight, and I will also stiffen them with watered-down PVA adhesive once they are all strung together.


Elizabethd said...

Very pretty. I often use a crocheted cover with beads to put over a milkjug.

Serenata said...

Love the doilies and hearts - I hate flies! I remember making some of those hearts a few years back now. Crochet is just not for me anymore sadly, it hurts too much, so will just have to admire everyone else's work.

Carolyn said...

Like you, I have been absent from blog-land for a while (although I continue to lurk & occasionally comment). Your crochet looks lovely.

Joy said...

It's satisfying to be productive. Nice work Penny. Good idea on hanging the hearts on clothes hangers.