Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ask the Universe

I found this quote today...

...posted by a friend who, like me is a lonely lady hoping to find a new man.  So far she has kissed a couple of frogs (as I understand it) but still not found her Prince.

Another friend told me that her philosophy was to ask the Universe (and she IS sane) for the answer and wait patiently - which is much the same as 'promised' in the quote.

Now this is not an easy thing, because there is no easy answer to being lonely. It's not just a question of being with someone, or in a group of people - in fact it is often in a group that I feel the most lonely, especially when everyone else is there with their partner.  They all split up in twos and threes and go home and I wander off to my car and go back to my empty house.

Sometimes I feel that the times of chatter and laughter just intensify the other times, when there is no-one but the cat to talk to.  And she's not very good at the responses unless the subject is a just-opened tin of tuna!

I had the most amazing love and he is not here any more. I find it hard to believe that I will ever have it again.

So I do try to share my heart - which I take to mean being kind to people and trying to help if there is a need - but it does seem like a long and lonely road...

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Serenata said...

Oh sending you {{hugs}} Penny. Loneliness can be hard, especially as you say when it can often seem even worse when with a crowd of people.