Friday, 30 June 2017

Today there's No Music

For the first time in a very long while, I have not listened to any of my music. I'm not sure why - normally I play my music through iTunes all day.  I am a great lover of music, mainly modern 'pop' balladic-type songs - music with a message.  I recently bought some Adele, some Willie Nelson and an Ed Sheeran CD.

I often think that the music makes up for not having a Significant Other in my life, although sometimes it makes me sad just listening to it.  No music makes up for human company, especially the company of someone who shares your likes, your loves and your dreams and with whom you feel happy, peaceful and comfortable.

Of course I have my cat...

But we talk a different language and her dialogue mostly revolves around food and the little dead shrews she brings me to show what a brave hunter she is.  And that isn't the same thing as a meaningful dialogue with another human being.

I AM in a kind of limbo today as I have to take my car in this afternoon for its CT, which is the bi-annual test out here for road-worthiness.  I'm hoping it will pass!  So perhaps that is why I have hardly noticed the lack of music.  I'm just writing this quick blog post before going out, as I am a bit of tired of the crochet shawl I have been labouring over.  I'll show you a picture of that next time maybe. It's a new pattern called the Moonlit Shawl by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart. I'm doing the 4ply version with some variegated sock wool in an Alpaca and Merinomix yarn. It's really soft and light.

Must go now for thatcar test - catch you later...

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Joy said...

Oh, I want to see the shawl!