Monday, 31 December 2018

Squirreling It Away

The birds are hungry now and are voraciously eating the fat balls we put out for them. I bought 4 new packs two days ago and filled up the container I keep them in in the shed. Forty new fat balls.  Enough for a couple of weeks there, I thought.

Today has been very cold and all the feeders were empty. So out I went to replenish them.

The plastic  container was lidless and only one fatball remained in the bottom! my first thought was that I had not put the new fatballs into the container, so I searched the kitchen for where I had left them.  Then the dépendance.  Then the cars.  Both of them. Then  I searched the dépendance again. And the kitchen again. And the shed again.

I searched the kitchen rubbish bin for the plastic bags the balls were sold in and when I found all four at the bottom of the bin, I knew I wasn't beginning the long downward journey into Altzheimers.  What a relief 😊

To cut a long story short, Roy moved all the plastic boxes we had stored in the little shed and we could see a pile of fatballs on the floor, down in the corner. All forty were there, although some had had their green plastic mesh removed and been sampled by whatever animal had cleverly stolen them from their plastic container.

We found some droppings - obviously from a rodent - and it seems likely that the culprit was a squirrel, getting ready for the winter. forty fat balls certainly would have seen it through a few cold night!

So now the fatballs are all back in their plastic container, and stored INDOORS.


Elizabethd said...

5 star meal waiting for someone!

Babajeza said...


Clicky Needles said...

Good to know you're not going barmy!