Saturday, 19 December 2020

Making of an Angel

 I don't like winter at the best of times and this year is pretty bad. The weather is cold (though we're not expecting snow) and I have had a cold too.  Do the two things go together?  I have revised my opinion that colds are caught from other people as I haven't been in contact with anyone without wearing a mask, and then only briefly in passing, in front of supermarket shelves. So now I think maybe the cat brought the cold virus in. However I caught it, it is going away only VERY slowly!

My main problem though, is sleeplessness. I just can't get off to sleep easily, and when I finally manage it, I sleep for an hour or two and then wake up wide awake.  Last night I went downstairs at 1 o'clock, made toast and a cup of tea, and came back to bed at 4 am. That is a common pattern. Any advice on how to conquer this would be welcome!

My arm, which I broke in February, is still not perfect, so I can't do a lot of things still. This means that I fill my time largely with knitting and crochet, which I know is not expending much energy, but, together with some cooking, is about all I can do. I don't have a large stock of yarn any more, so it's difficult to find something to make, but I did manage to crochet an angel recently, but I forget who wrote the pattern. It was on her blog and I copied and pasted it. I did promise her a picture of my finished angel...

... which is not really as pretty as the one on her pattern...

So, a heartfelt apology, to you, the designer of my (rather scruffy) angel.


Elizabethd said...

So sorry you are not feeling too good. I have the same problem with sleeping, but I find that a Camomile tea bag in hot water is quite soothing.

Crafty in the Med said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well!! I have had a lot of problems with insommia myself but it was due to stress so my Dr said. I was holding down 3 jobs at the time so...well....I was stressed!! Now I am retired I am sleeping better. That isnt much help to you though...sorry.:-) Sounds to me as if you have been in the wars quite a bit lately. I commented on your last post and queried how you had hurt your arm. I don't think you received that comment as I can't see it here on that post. Perhaps my comment went into your spam folder. I am using a new email address. This has happened to other bloggers who have been away for awhile or it could be New Blogger interface up to its tricks again. Cute angel...I continue to crochet...totally addicted :-) take care and stay safe Amanda x

French Nanny said...

Hi Amanda

No, I can't find your previous comment at all☹️

But I broke my arm when I slipped on some gravel on the drive. It was broken in two places and they decided to put in a titanium rod with screws,

It has given me quite a few problems over nearly a year, not the least being that when they hammered (yes, hammered) the rod in, it apparently disturbed an old cancer cell from the breast cancer I had many years ago. So then I had to have a course of radio therapy which threw up its own problems. That was over in November, though I haven't had any feed back on whether it has killed off all the cancer cells yet.

The screws in the arm are a big problem as they go into the joint in my shoulder and I have limited movement now and can't lift the arm above waist height. It is all very depressing so, yes, like you, I am probably stressed.

I have some meditation mudic and sometimes that helps but, as you know, there is nothing worse than being very tired, with sore eyes, and not being able to sleep.

I am not often on Blogger these days, so have not really got to grips with the new interface. It is annoying, as I used to teach computing and the Internet, but everything has moved on apace since I retired...

Covid has not helped any of us, either, as we have nowhere to go and no reason to get out of bed really. France is at a standstill regarding restaurants, cafes and bars and there were no brocantes this year☹️

With Brexit looming, there is no chance of a visit from English friends either and we have not had the chance to make friends in this new area yet.

Golly, I do sound miserable!, It is not as bad as all that, and Roy has just made me a salmon and salad sandwich and a lovely cup of tea, so I have lots to be thankful for 😁

Crafty in the Med said...

That all sounds pretty gruesome!! Spain is much the same where cafes and bars are concerned and those that do open can only do so during a restricted time. The Spanish Govt is pretty fearful about the Christmas period when traditionally families meet up in large numbers on Christmas Eve for the big family dinners. They have recently changed that to 6 max per family. It is going to be a quiet Christmas for sure. In all this I personally just thank my blessings that my family is safe and well; both my English family and the Spanish one too. Christmas is celebrated every year and if it has to be a quiet one this year well so be it! Wishing you and your husband a safe and cosy Christmas x Amanda