Friday, 12 February 2021

It's a Coffee-Coloured Life

Coffee and white are flavour of the month here.  Roy has been painting his way through Covid in order to stay busy now that winter is upon us and he can't get out in the garden.  So he started by painting the hall.  First, the ceiling and beams - white, of course, and then everything else.  It was a rather dark space originally, as it has no natural light coming in other than the two fanlights over the front and back doors. It looked like this when we first moved in...

...and, although it is nothing like that tidy now, it is much brighter...

... and you are looking from the opposite end in this one, which I took when he was just in the middle of painting the doors.  Now he has finished the end doors and some of the other

ones, like this one, in a pretty coffee colour that I think looks rather lovely. (the mirrors were already on the doors when we bought the house)...

He also painted the stairs railing (is the whole thing called a banister?) in the same colour but added a packet of sparkly paillettes to the paint (they were supplied with it) so the banister sparkles like something from Disney Kingdom.

The drawback to painting doors in the winter is that the door has to be open for a certain amount of time, and today was not a good day for this.  The temperature did not rise above freezing all day and the bushes and trees in the garden - and even the little clumps of grass - were all covered in ice where the rain had frozen as it touched them!

Fairylike maybe, but devilish cold!

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