Tuesday, 22 May 2007

22nd May - a hot day again!

S0 - the meteo was wrong today, or at least it hasn't rained yet!

I've been shopping most of the day, trying to get more big plastic boxes with lids so I can transfer stuff into them and the mice won't get it! Went to several places where I have got boxes before, but none of them has restocked. Anyway, I was looking for my petrol-filled candle-lighter which was in a cardboard box..... I thought I saw a little thin grey thing, and when a mouse jumped - yes jumped up into the air and over the other side of the box - I knew what it was - a mouse's tail! So I have emptied the box, which was mostly filled with tins of food such as baked beans and tomatoes, and thrown the box away - it was full of mouse droppings and smelled pretty awful. Did you know that mice smell a bit like wet biscuits? Now I'm wondering where the mouse has gone now.... I really am desperate for those boxes! I did hover over some mouse/rat poison in the supermarket, but I just can't bring myself to poison them, even though everyone tells me I'll be sorry, 'cos they breed like, well, mice, and I'll have whole families of them eating my food, my clothes, my furniture, everything, soon..... (Still can't bring myself to do it - one of them could be my grandmother...)

When it was cooler outside I went back to clearing the dependances.

The walls were lined with chipboard, but the damp has meant that it crumbles when I pull it off and it makes an awful mess.

Also there was a 'lining' to the roof which I think was made from corrugated cardboard boxes, opened out. That was also damp and mostly hanging down, and partly eaten by birds or mice. I found a bird's nest lined with some of it.Anyway, little by little the dependances are getting clearer, and, in September, they will be re-roofed, and made 50cm higher, so that I can use them as decent storage - although I'll have to find some way of keeping them damp-free and mouse-proof!

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I'm a vegetarian, but I says kill 'em