Saturday, 26 May 2007

Dormouse City!

Well, last night the dormous excelled itself. It ran round the room, up and down a length of wood standing in the fireplace, and stood and looked at me when I shone the torch. In fact, it was so cheeky I got a picture of it - albeit a bit blurred. Not sure now whether it is the Garden Dormouse or the Edible Dormouse - famed for living in the Greniers of french houses. However, since I am vegetarian I won't be eating it anyhow.

The rain was pouring down and the dormouse didn't seem to like the noise, and was quiet for a while, although that could have been because it was busy eating the biscuits I gave it in the kitchen! Well, it is cute!

At 2 am I got up and made tea and toast, not being able to sleep due to a combination of rain pounding on the roof and dormouse noises. The dormouse was so cheeky I thought it might jump under the duvet and nibble my toes! I heard it scratching away at the bubble wrap I'd shoved in a hole in the wall between the kitchen and the dependances, which reinforced my idea that it/they live in the dependances and that the nest I had found was theirs. So I unblocked the hole and had a quiet night as the fully-fed dormouse slept in its own part of the house again.

This morning I replaced the nest on the beam, although it's no longer stuck down - it was anchored with earth, presumably wet when it was placed there, and I now worry that the dormouse will jump in the nest and the whole thing will plunge to the ground. Wonder if dormice can fly.....

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Jason Fist said...

It will be Dormouse City soon if you don't do something to get rid of them.