Wednesday, 13 June 2007

June 13th

It was a funny morning today - the clouds were kind of whirly, the sun was haloed and there was an odd wind that made a rushing sound, as if it was bringing in a storm. But then it changed, the sun came out, and the day was sunny, although a bit chilly at times.

I went out and bought a new lock for the gate, but bought the wrong one - for a right-opening gate, so I've got to change it tomorrow. No idea if I can fit it myself or not. Life is so complicated.

My tomatoes are ripening - I ate one this morning and it was lovely. When I bought the plant, it didn't say anything about the variety or the kind of fruit it would have. Now I know they're cherry tomatoes.

I made a vegetable stew for dinner, and ate it out in the garden as it was still warm. Afterwards, a wild evening of knitting....

The stew reminded me that I had a packet of Thompson & Morgan courgette seeds to plant. They are little round courgettes which you can stuff or chop up for salads raw when they are young. So I planted as many as I had peat pots for ... the packet said an average of five seeds, but there were 11 in mine!

The tomato was only bought in April as a tiny seedling so I hope these grow as quickly!

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