Saturday, 2 June 2007

June 2nd - Giles's visit

Doesn't time fly!

Giles came out last week and has been busy doing various jobs for me :-)

He has scarfed in some wood in a rotten timber upright, and is going to do some others...

...and has cut down two dead trees in the garden. Tim (an Englishman with a holiday home close by) came and brought a sawbench to cut up the tree.

I've been taking off some more plaster on the brick dividing wall between the two rooms - on the living room side this time. It's much harder on this side - perhaps because the plaster is less damp. There used to be a wood-burning stove in this room, so I guess it was where the previous occupants sat in the evenings, and would be kept warm.

Giles has now chopped and stacked the wood from the trees and is cutting up and stacking the floorboards that the carpenter took down in April.

We've had a fire in the kitchen fireplace most nights, which has been great. Gives out a lovely heat.

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