Thursday, 23 August 2007

Giles' Visit

Giles came out 10 days ago and went back today. He came to put in the stairs, but unfortunately they hadn't arrived from the supplier. However, we got the measurements and he was able to cut out the hole in the ceiling and put in an intercostal beam and post to support it. It was hard work as he did it mostly by hand but he made a grand job of it.

More pictures, as always, on Flickr.

On the way back from Poitiers, where I took GIles to get the TGV, I went to Montmorillon, a pretty town not too far from here.

I had a tuna sandwich for lunch in a pretty tea shop, and found a cross-stitch shop and a woolshop in the town! Heaven!

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Jason Fist said...

I told you Montmorillon was good. Now go get some coconut macaroons!