Saturday, 1 September 2007

Supermarket Roses

Last Wednesday I went to a large supermarket in St. Junien - not too far from here. I went because I needed a new printer and big supermarkets are the cheapest places to buy one. Actually, since there are no computer stores nearer than Limoges, they are the only place to go within easy reach. I took Pat, a friend, along for the ride, and when we came out of the first supermarket there was thunder, lighning and rain. We bought the printer at the second supermarket while the rain clattered on the corrugated roof, and came out into a torrential storm. We went back to the first supermarket for coffee, hoping the storm would pass over, but in the end I had to drive home in it.

In the supermarket I bought a bunch of pretty roses (only 5.90 Euros for a big bunch) and thought they would last a day or two.

They are still going strong, 4 days later, and look as if they will go on for several days yet. Also - they are scented! Something you rarely get in shop-bought roses.

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