Monday, 6 August 2007

L'Isle Jourdain

Last Saturday I went to L'isle Jourdain, to check out a brocante market. It was OK but a lot of the stalls were selling tat, so I didn't take any stall pictures - only pictures of the coffee shop where I had a great cup of coffee in the courtyard.

They had put the tables and chairs out there in readiness for some acts - the first of which was to be a juggler called Gorky. I didn't watch him perform, but I chatted to him over my coffee.

I loved the way the establishment had taken the trouble to put out little floral decorations on the tables, each tiny bouquet tied up with raffia.

It really does make a difference when attention is paid to details. This particularly reminded me of Giles' wedding, when he wore an orange Gerbera in the buttonhole of his white suit.

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