Sunday, 30 September 2007

30th September

Well, it's been quite a week.

Today I've been to a big Vide Grenier in Confolens - too big really, we were all tired when we came back. Some good stuff there, though.

Earlier in the week the builders came back for their money, but they didn't do the well. Apparently my main builder, M Virondeau will do that (him being a mason, you see). That's masons of the kind that do stonework - not the kind that belong to a 'secret' society that everyone knows about!

I rang to see how the stairs order was going, to be told I had cancelled it! Lies, of course, but the factory that made the stairs has apparently closed down so there was nothing I could do. I got my deposit back in the post - don't know when that would have come if I hadn't rung!

The next day my wood burner was delivered...

... and the workman was supposed to come and fit it that day, and repair the top of the chimney. Surprisingly, he never turned up. I rang and his wife said she would take his phone (mobile) to him (just down the road) and he would ring me back in 10 minutes to 1/4 hour. Would you be surprised to know that he didn't? And that when I rang again an hour later the mobile was turned off? I rang the house at lunchtime and his wife said he would ring me after 7pm that night to arrange a date to do the work. That was Thursday and I'm still waiting...

Edward came with his chainsaw and sawed some wood for me, and now I've bought my own chainsaw. One day soon I'll get it out of the box...

Toria and Molly arrive tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to that. It's been nearly 5 months since I've seen them. Marcus arrives on Wednesday so I've got a list of jobs ready... well, isn't that what men like?

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