Sunday, 14 October 2007

14th October - Chestnut and Cider Festival

I've seen more people in Mezieres sur Issoire today than I have in the whole 6 months that I've been here! Guess why? Today there is a Cider and Chestnut day and it obviously drags people in from miles around!

Mezieres is well-known for it's sheep markets, and there is a whole big, concrete area where these take place. This area, plus an adjacent field, is where the event took place today. Along with a cider press and the sale of apple juice and chestnuts (though I didn't see any roasted) there was a huge Vide Grenier. Hundreds of stalls.

These pictures were taken early in the morning, when it was still a bit chilly. Later on, when the day turned out hot and sunny, there were crowds of people there.

Prices were good, too and I found some great bargains, such as this pretty blotter for 7 euros, and the garlic set for 50 centimes.

I love the blotter, with its tiny, embroidered bees - just needs a bitof a clean!

Another great find was this hand-crocheted curtain, (for a tiny window) for 2 euros and a selection of crochet hooks for another euro!

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