Friday, 26 October 2007

26th October

God - it's been cold out here today.

I stayed in bed until 9.45 this morning 'cos I just couldn't bear to get out into that cold, cold world - but eventually I was getting cold even in bed! ~When I got up I rushed and put on the gas heater and stuck to that for most of the morning. However, I developed a dreadful headache and have decided I must check the fire for Carbon Monoxide emissions! I lit the wood burner at lunchtime and turned off the gas fire, and I think I'll continue to use the wood burner and not the gas fire until I have checked it. My brother is sending me out a dot of some sort that will tell me if there is Carbon Monoxide about. Three cheers for Pez (he's also sending me a flanelette nightie and bedsocks!)

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I must get a couple of electric under blankets for the beds, so that my friend Joan (coming out in just over a week) doesn't freeze to death. I'm going to do that tomorrow, as a matter of urgency!

I do wonder how homeless people cope - I couldn't possibly sleep in a shop doorway - especially as they probably don't have proper meals either. I am definitely giving to the homeless this Christmas as my charity.

I have been knitting a tank top for my daughter today, and it is a fallacy that knitting keeps you warm - unless you do it very, very fast! I have nearly finished the back, and it's now 9 pm and I've been doing it all day, and I've only just been able to take off my second sweater, as the room is finally warm enough.

The builder should be coming back next week and I'm going to ask him to insulate the roof as his first job, as this is one of the main problems. A 'waterfall' of cold air comes down into my bedroom and it is freezing!!!!!

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Jason Fist said...

Did you get an underblanket in the end? I saw a website offering heated overblankets too:

Bit expensive though...