Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Weekend in Paris

Ah Paris!

It was a good weekend - the sun was shining even if the wind was cold. Ate out Friday night, went shopping on Saturday, went to a craft fair on Sunday.

Saturday's shopping was in the material shops of Montmartre - fabulous! My favourite one was Moline, where they had a fantastic range of fabrics including a whole room devoted to pure silk fabrics. See the pictures below.

I managed to only buy a small amount of fabric, at a reasonable price, for lining some bags (when I've stopped drooling over it).

On Sunday we visited the Marie Claire Idees fair, in the Carousel of the Louvre. It was interesting - we spent about 3 hours there - but not earth-shattering. I bought some good embroidery books though and some gorgeous patterns for knitted garments for Molly. Here's a picture of it.
On the way to the exhibition we passed a new metro entrance...

...and after the exhibition we walked back through a park where children were sailing little model boats on a pond. Most of the boats had sails made of patchwork (yes, the kind you see on quilts) which made them look very cute.

Here's a picture where you can see the patchwork sails better - just click on it!

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