Tuesday, 13 November 2007

13th November 2007

Joan has been staying with me for a week, but today she went back to England. I suspect she's secretly relieved - it's been a busy week! We had to go out every day because the builders made so much noise we couldn't even think, let alone talk. Today we went out for a walk...

... and saw lots of things. Here we saw the row of poplars with mistletoe on... (Monet eat your heart out)

... the sheep who wanted to ask a question but was a bit sheepish...

...and the spindleberries which are such gorgeous colours.

While we were walking the workmen were reinforcing the floor in my house, which had been badly done originally by an English carpenter. Now it is as firm as a rock - or at least as a very firm thing.

Tomorrow they will start the floor above the kitchen. At the same time the foreman, Jean Luc, has started the divisions for the rooms upstairs. So - things are progressing

The downside of this, however, is the constant noise (I now detest France Bleu radio) and the dust everywhere. Some evenings it took Joan and me an hour to clean up sufficiently to eat dinner in peace and comfort.

I must say a public THANK YOU to Joan, and a public apology for how snappy I was. I can only say in my defence that the whole thing is very stressful and that I hope the next time you come out all will be finished and I will be sweetness and light personified. :-)

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