Saturday, 17 November 2007

17th November

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORA!!!!

It's been pretty cold here for the last few nights, although it's quite toasty in the house, what with the insulation in the roof and the wood-burning stove! Last night it went down to minus 7.5 and when I went out this morning I saw this frozen pond.

Later, when I came home, I decided to sort out some stuff for a Craft Market next Sunday - Pat and I have booked a table. I went into the dependances to look through the boxes and found several broken. Wheels broken off and tops shattered. This is because the builders have moved them - stacking them higher than I had before - and not put them down on each other very carefully. Honestly - you just can't please some people! They were not happy when the boxes were upstairs - and they certainly couldn't have divided up the rooms with them there, but then they also want the space in the dependances, which is the only other place I have to store them!

So - I've made a notice to put on the boxes, and will also talk to the men.

I've sorted some things out - bootees, flower brooches, hats, bags, lavender sachets and so on.

I'm now re-packing and labelling them. It'll be an interesting experience, and at least the Fair is indoors! Pat is busy knitting little rabbits and framing miniature quilts, because I rather sprung this on her. It's the first Christmas Fair that this Auberge in Oradour sur Vayres has done, but the lady has done others in England. It'll be a learning curve, at least. Perhaps we can persuade someone a bit nearer to host one next year, or a Spring Fair. Oradour s /Vayres is about 3/4 hour away, in the Charente. But we know someone with a big guest house in Confolens, which is only 1/4 hour away....

As I was locking up tonight I noticed the sky was fabulous -

The pic on the left shows the crescent moon and, on the right you can see the red sky which hopefully means we'll have a nice day tomorrow.

I found a picture of Richard in one of the boxes, and it made me cry. It's hard, losing someone you love - love you Richard.

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