Saturday, 29 December 2007

29th December

Saturday today - I'm a little bit disorientated over the Christmas holiday, as I have been hither and thither (love that little phraselet) and every day is the same as the last but in a different place, so I have to look at the calendar each day and make sure I am on the right one! So .... Saturday and everyone here in the Limousin is gearing up (as much as 'gearing up' ever takes place here) for the New Year. In the supermarket the normal 'Bonne Journee' is replaced with 'Bonne Fete' (or at least it was for the woman before me) although the checkout-euse (sensing I was English) said nothing at all to me. Made me feel all warm inside. However, at the local Epicerie in Mezieres-sur-Issoire, I am always assured of a warm welcome, even if I only buy a newspaper.

I had a great time in England (though too short) with Tor, Marcus and Molly.

This picture was actually taken after I left, but I wanted something bang up to date!

Then I went down to Montauban with Alain and Jason, to stay with Pilar and Albert (Alain's parents) and was warmly welcomed there.

This picture shows some of the family - Alain's aunt and niece (with her back to us), and this one is the table before the Christmas Eve meal.

A good time was had by all (I still don't understand how the French can eat and drink so much and still live so long...)

So, back to Les Granges on Christmas Day (naturally I got lost after Limoges - missed the turning off the motorway and had to come back via a route worthy of the Monte Carlo Rally) to my little stone house. It's nice to be home, but I do miss the shower, indoor toilet and hot water!

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