Sunday, 30 December 2007

30th December

I always thought that cleaning up and tidying were bad for you, but now it's official! (For me, at least).

I spent an hour or two this morning sawing wood and chopping kindling and then went out to lunch in Bellac. 21/2 hours later I returned, still with wood on my mind, and decided to clear out the barbecue shelter, which had a variety of 'rubbish' in it. I had been using some twigs as kindling, but they were in a place where the rain and damp could just get to them, so I wanted to move them further under the tiled roof. On a chair which had been hurriedly placed there at the end of the summer, I found a box of graded sizes of sockets which had been there since October. They were damp and I thought they might go rusty, so I took them into the dependances to put away. I couldn't reach the shelves at the top of the wall, as there were several bags of kindling and sawdust that I had diligently prepared for the winter in the way, so I balanced them on a washing-up bowl full of other items on the windowsill. I adjusted the box so the weight was even, and they didn't fall off and spill the sockets all over the floor. Then I stepped back to go back to the barbecue shelter. Unfortunately, there was an empty gas canister just where I needed to put my foot, and I couldn't see it because it was behind me. The canister slid, and I fell, slowly like an autumn leaf, to the concrete floor. I landed on my bottom and broke the fall by twisting slightly and putting out my hands. Funny what you do without thinking, for self-preservation.

I lay there for about a minute, feeling sick, dizzy and wondering if anything was broken. Eventually I crawled to an upright position and made my way hesitantly indoors. By this time I felt sick and very cold, so I went straight to my bed and tried to find a comfy position. It was about an hour before I felt I could get out of bed, and I made myself hot water bottles to keep me warm in the living room.

Now, several hours later, I feel OK, but both wrists are swollen and painful and it is not very comfortable to sit down, although the hot water bottles help. I am applying the age-old remedy of wine (ingested) and maybe I'll take a painkiller when I go to bed.

So.....if someone is trying to tell me not to worry about clearing up - I think I've got the message!


Jason Fist said...
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Jason Fist said...

On the bright side though, you can still blog. Silver lining eh?