Sunday, 9 December 2007

9th December 2007

It's been a blustery day today - rain and high winds (much like yesterday) but still warm for the time of year. I do wonder if the seasons are slipping slightly in some way, as I don't remember December being like this when I was a child. It was all much more clear cut then.... autumn came in September - the leaves turned and on Bonfire Night it was always freezing! The bonfire was a welcome source of warmth, even if you couldn't always stand being very close to it! Now November 5th seems very mild, and even December is not very cold - well, not every day- so I feel the seasons have slipped on their axis somewhat, although I'm not sure this is reflected in Summer being later! Certainly this year we didn't have a Summer at all! A hot April, but the rest of the year was rubbish.

Today and yesterday the winds have buffeted my little house, and I've been glad I have the insulation in, although it's a bit weird, some of the ways things have been done by the builders. Take, for example, the electrical installation upstairs ...

...The fitments are like nothing I've ever seen before, and I can't see how I'm going to get light fittings to go on them!

I can't even see how a lampshade would go on the fitment, let alone know what kind of shade would fit the one on the left, which is only a couple of centimetres away from the beam!!!

All of the fitments are in a piece of ceiling which is sloping, so presumably there will have to be a dangling piece of wire somewhere, so the shade can hang vertically! Weird!!!!

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