Friday, 7 December 2007

7th December 2007

A mild day today, not really like December at all, but with a hint in the wind of colder weather to come...

Today I waited in all morning for a parcel of books from Amazon, and then went out at lunchtime to St Junien with Pat and Edward. We had lunch at a Salon de The and walked around before visiting the organic shop, which was the main reason for our visit. The church was impressive, with a statue of St Junien over the Norman doorway - although the Christmas lights were definitely modern!

The flower shop next door had just re-opened after the lunch hour, and I didn't notice the goose until I looked at the photo afterwards! Must go back and buy one - it would be great with box growing through it and clipped!

You may have to look hard for the goose! :-)

I seem to have a thing about box at the moment - I have decided to plant a box maze on my bac a sable ( part of my septic tank set-up) - like the one I saw in Geoff Hamilton's garden at Barnsdale, in England. (See below)

I just need lots of friends to visit me in the sunmmer when the maze needs clipping ...

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