Tuesday, 4 December 2007

4th December

Spinning Day!!!!!!

Today I met Corinne for the first time in person (we met on the Internet through Ravelry) for a spinning lesson. I went to her house, because mine was full of builders, and took my wheel.

...and it was great!!!!!

She was so patient, and spent three hours with me, showing me how to spin, her ready-to-spin stash and some of the fibres she has spun already. They were so good - and she only learned to spin in February. There's hope for me yet, although Corinne taught herself to spin, from books and the Internet, and I'm not sure I could manage that. She also speaks good English, which was a great help.

So now I am all fired up and keen to practise at home, in the evenings of course, when the builders have left. Here is a picture of the first spinnings - Corinne says I should keep my first attempts to look back on when I am more proficient... if I get more proficient ...

Almost enough for a sweater.... :-)

...and this is my second attempt (well, lots in between actually as the wheel wasn't set up properly after its journey in the car!)...

So, Corinne - many, many thanks - I'm going to get lots of practice in and see you after Christmas.

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