Wednesday, 16 January 2008

16th January 2008

Progress Report

Lots has happened suddenly with the sanitation. The toilets have been connected, so no more going out into the garden - YIPPEE!!!!!

The hot water tank is not connected to the electricity yet, so there is only cold water, but that is a great advance, and is all you need to flush toilets, clean teeth etc. In the morning I bring up a bowl of hot water so I can wash in the sink - though I might just bring up the electric kettle and plug it in. I actually washed my hair in the sink today, quite a change from kneeling on the kitchen floor over a washing-up bowl!

Of course, when the stairs are in everything will be much easier and I can bring up furniture - and the washing machine! In France most homes have the washing machine in the bathroom, even when it is upstairs. Jean-Luc assures me it will not fall through the ceiling!

Today I went into St Junien to look for carpets, as they seemed to be the easier option, but there are no specialist carpet shops out here, and carpets are sold cut from massive rolls in a general furniture showroom for you to take home and lay yourself. They were all, without exception, disgusting. However, I found some parquet flottant flooring (wood laminate) and I'm going to measure up tomorrow and go back and buy that for both bedrooms and bathrooms. It seems good stuff - is a reasonable price - and has a 'hydrofuge' backing which is suitable for bathrooms, I think. In the bedrooms it will look lovely with rugs.

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Stew said...

Don't be brushing your teeth in the toilet.
I'm a plumber. And St Ju is a bit far (about 60k) but if ever your in a crisis, give me a call. My phone number in phonetics (to confuse the spam robots) is:
oh five four five six seven 1 nine nine five