Monday, 7 January 2008

7th January 2008

Return of the Plumbers

Well, not strictly speaking 'return', as none of the plumbing has been done up to now, but it's the same people, wearing different hats. No, not literally! Literally they're actually wearing the same hats as the last time I saw them, but....oh this is all getting terribly complicated...

Anyway ..... today saw the beginning of the plumbing installation. They tell me it should all be done in two weeks, which means I will have an inside toilet, shower and hot & cold water when Tor and Molly come out!!!!!!! Not that I'm holding my breath..... and I do have a contingency plan.

Still, they have put in a shower tray today and some pipework ...

... and I am feeling happy - although that may be somewhat due to the fact that they have used a lot of glue to put all the pipes together, and the whole house smells of it. This may be my last post (or should that be The Last Post, as I have to sleep in one of these rooms tonight).

Tomorrow the gardener is coming, together with the digger man, to make a start on that patch of weeds at the back which might eventually form a garden. By the summer the place may look more like a home and less like a building site on a piece of wasteland!


galloping pony said...

You are a funny girl, I laughed at the first paragraph. I've been enjoying your blog for a little while now. Never been to England or France so your life kinda seems like a movie to me. Does that make sense?

I love making things and also remodeling but my husband and I have never taken on a project quite like yours. Love that rock wall and the beams, it'll be wonderful when it's done.

I hope this isn't your last post, I wanna see how the place turns out! Nice to meet you, to kinda meet you anyhow.

Sincerely, Virginia

Stew said...

Pearly Queen - je suis presque voisin - La Charente!

I'm toying with a blogroll of French Bloggers - let me know if you'd like to be included. I've already met (virtually) a nice bunch of people.