Saturday, 5 January 2008

5th January 2008

Yesterday the newspaper I was reading predicted a sunny day for today, Huh! It's been pouring with rain all day! Still, if you let a bit of rain stop you, you'd never go anywhere (much like England)!

So I went out shopping.... well, what's a girl to do when it's raining?

I went to EcoGem in Bellac, which is always a bad choice for me, as they sell so much stuff, and so cheaply. Still, I did have a list to follow, and I didn't deviate from it - much. Just a few balls of wool to make Jason a sweater (he never reads this blog so he won't be frightened now) and a whole load of things for the La Tache house. I also bought a new vacuum cleaner for here - the old one can go to La Tache, and a kitchen bin and a coffee maker and a toaster..... well, I don't suppose you're interested in all that, but what it means is that by next summer La Tache will be all geared up for people to stay. So, friends, if you want a budget-priced holiday in Leafy Limousin (near a fishing lake) get in touch!

I have been doing more of Molly's heirloom bib (I say heirloom, because I'm 4 days into the making of it already and the thought of it covered in chocolate pudding or pumpkin surprise is a terrifying thought) and I think it's looking pretty good. Just a question of finishing the boy eskimo and then I can start on the penguin.

I also got a letter from Tor today, with some watch straps in it. I had ordered the straps from a UK Internet site, but they wanted to charge £10 for postage to France - saying they had had stuff 'go astray'. However, they would post to the UK for FREE! So, I had the straps sent to Tor, and she sent them on to me. Very shiny (as Giles would say).

I really love this watch - it's a child's Timex with an elastic strap - you just slip it on and off without undoing it. Am I just lazy or is that a great idea? I usually take the strap off every so often and wash it while I'm in the shower, but the old one was 2 years old, and everyone knows that a year for a watch strap is 20 years in human terms. So - I'm consigning the old one to watch strap heaven (although not the metal part, as I just might crochet myself something unique for the summer).

Well, must get back to the eskimo bib....

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