Friday, 25 January 2008

25th January 2008

Wow - what a week!

Yep, it's been a tiring week, lots to do and helping out Pat and Edward too. The car was a total write-off (as we expected) and it was just Sod's Law that Pat got (on Wednesday) a hospital appointment in Limoges for the next day! We went at 3 o'clock for a 4.30 appointment and she went in over an hour later - was in 2 minutes - to be told it was nothing serious, thank goodness. We got home after six, so that was a long day! Good news, though. Also, the garage has found a possible car for them which they will look at soon, I guess, as it is a bit of problem here, where we live, being without transport - no buses or anything and very few people living in the hamlet either.

I have been frantically knitting Molly's cardigan in the hope that it would be ready for Tor's arrival on Wednesday. However - it has become increasingly obvious that it is going to be too small... sob, sob... It's the second time I've attempted this pattern, and I think it just may be the last...
I was seduced by the wool, which is a gorgeous colour mixture. However - it seems I knit too tightly (though OK for most patterns) and the ****ing thing is going to be far too small. I am now thinking of a couple of pretty turquoise and brown teddy bears like this one:

So - I have started another wildflower shawl, but this time in a fine, laceweight Egyptian cotton that I bought on This is not a very good picture, as the colours are actually pink and pale yellow...

It seems to knit up nicely, and reasonably quickly considering how fine the yarn is. The pattern is quite easy once you have it set in your mind, and I did a crochet edging on the others that I thought worked really well.

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