Friday, 1 February 2008

1st February 2008

Friday and Tor and Molly have been here two days. Yesterday we went to Montmorillon, and had tea and cake in a Salon de The.
This is Molly dancing, but actually we all had a good time!

In the morning the electricians came and connected up the pump for the fosse and the water-heater! The power kept tripping out so I have arranged for EDF to come tomorrow and upgrade me to more power. Still - we had hot water to wash in that night - it was great!

Friday 1st February

Today has been wet with some hail this evening. In the night there was a power cut and naturally I thought it was just my house, but actually it was the whole hamlet. It started at 3 am and they only fixed it by 3 pm! Hope that doesn't happen often.
For Pat and Edward it was bad news - the power cut was apparently due to the failure of one part of the 3-phase, and another phase shorted out and totalled Edward's water pump (his only source of water - from the well) and a computer printer. The new pump will be here Monday or Tuesday. The good news is they can almost certainly claim for both items and the manhours to replace the pump, on their house insurance.

Life is full of challenges in the country!

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