Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Limoges Airport and Stairs!

Limoges Airport and Croissants

Today Tor and Molly went back to England. They flew Ryanair from Limoges airport. We arrived quite early and had coffee & croissants in the airport coffee lounge (a tiny pocket hanky of a place) and they were the worst croissants I have ever had in France. They looked AND tasted like cardboard. Even Molly couldn't stomach them.

When it came to checking in, Tor was told her case was 8 kilos overweight, and the charge was 10 euros per kilo! She was not a happy bunny! In fact she says she will never fly Ryanair again! She managed to repack 5 kilos into a carrier bag, but had to pay the excess baggage on 3Kg at 30 euros!


Giles has started the stairs today, while Tor and I were at the airport. He got the first three steps (a turn) in the house...
...and when I came back I helped him to get the main part of the stairs in through the window.

Then he erected a block and tackle and hoisted the stairs upright so that he could line them up with the first part. This proved impossible and he decided that he needs to build up the quarter turn steps with an extra step first.

As it was getting dark we decided to stop there for today! More info another day, but there are more pictures on Flickr if you're interested!

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